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Rhinos Make It a Quadruple on Kenyon, Goats Fall to Ashland

Oberlin rugby was once again in action this weekend as both teams looked to finish out the 2006/2007 season on a high note. Both teams were scheduled to play away at Ashland, Ohio against the Ashland University rugby clubs on Saturday, April 28, but the men’s rugby team (the Billy Goats) made the journey without the company of its female counterparts (the Rhinos).

The Rhinos have encountered problems with referee absences at games against the Ashland women’s team in the past and decided that to avoid such an issue, they would travel instead to Gambier, Ohio to play Kenyon College. The players on the Oberlin team have built a strong relationship with the Kenyon women’s team, which was more than happy to play Oberlin one more time.

Against Ashland, the Billy Goats looked to put everything they had been learning on the practice field into real game situations. With only a few games remaining, the team is working twice as hard to try and find that elusive first win before the season ends.

However, Ashland refused to be on the receiving end of Oberlin’s first victory. The experienced Ashland side thwarted Oberlin’s plays and made smart moves for the greater part of the game, resulting in a 5-27 loss. Ashland eluded Oberlin’s defense four times to score four tries. They also had two successful conversion kicks and one penalty. The Yeomen returned to Oberlin with one try to their name.

At Kenyon, the women’s team once again faced rivals-turned-friends in their fifth encounter of the season. With this being the Rhinos’ final game this year, they looked to continue their dominance over Kenyon and extend their record over the Ladies.

The two teams provided a treat for the fans as both braced the field in prom dresses for the final game of the season. Initially, there was a bit of uncertainty and many people were confused, but everything was set straight once the players kicked things off in their dinner clothes. The women played hard in their colorful attire as both teams looked to prove that they were queens of the turf. Between the sounds of ripping dresses and mutters of frustration when movement had been impeded by this somewhat “special” gear, they still managed to make many fantastic plays.

The “prom” came to an end with Oberlin claiming all the crowns as the team put in four tries and didn’t give the Kenyon team any space to make meaningful headway. Junior Shades “Musical Snore” O’Brien was delighted by the game at Kenyon as she commented:

“I’m glad we went to Kenyon instead of going to Ashland. We are best friends with the women on the Kenyon team and playing with them in prom dresses was fun. We also won the game and that was good.”

With that win, the Oberlin women’s side boasts a 4-1 record against Kenyon this season.

To end the season, the Rhinos closed things with seven victories and only a couple of losses. The Billy Goats go into action again at home this Saturday, May 5, as they try to claim that first victory against the High Street Tommies.


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