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Yeowomen End Season With Loss
The Incredible Hull: Sophomore attacker Lela Hull breaks away from a University of Redlands defender in Oberlin’s 13-19 home loss last Saturday. 

The women’s lacrosse team closed out its season Tuesday, on a low against Kenyon College. After a battle with Claremont-Scripps-Harvey Mudd on Sunday, the Yeowomen lost at Kenyon and ended yet another well-fought season. With nothing to lose, Oberlin focused its effort on working hard and achieving the goals of the season.  While the scoreboard may not have been what was desired, the energy and connection of the team was on the field.

A tough and brutal juggernaut from Claremont-Mudd-Scripps came to town on Sunday with a 14-0 record.  The Yeowomen celebrated senior day as Callie Gropp and Lynn Gerbec played in their final home game with the hope of upsetting the heavily favored opponent.  Sophomore stud Lela “The Machine” Hull did not buy into the opposing team’s hype and netted two goals and snagged six sweet draws for the home crowd.  Hull’s classmate Dana Rich also put two goals and won two draws in an outstanding performance.   Despite superb performances from the seniors, the team fell short and dropped the game 5-17. 

The women looked forward to their final game of the year as they were scheduled to face the Kenyon College Lords. After a two-hour bus ride, the OC trailed in the opening minutes 0-3. Hull and Scarlett “She’s a Freshman?” Prati each responded with two goals.  The four-goal first half extravaganza would only dent the opponents’ 14-goal performance. The second half would not prove much better for Oberlin as Kenyon outscored the visitors seven to three in the second half. 

The spotlight was shown on Gropp and Gerbec, who led the team in goals. Both will be missed next year on defense as their presence on the field inspired the team and led it to many victories. Junior Kaitlin Barrer was full of praise for the two departing seniors.

“I think these two have built a foundation for our program. I will miss them a lot and wish them the best of luck,” said Barrer. The soon-to-be graduates have played an integral role in the development of this program for four years and have laid the foundation for good things to come.

Though the 6-9 season was not what the Yeowomen expected, they look forward to next year. The young players on the team, such as Prati and Hull, have proven crucial to the program and show promise for the future.


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