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Rape Crisis Support Always Available

To the Editors:

The Lorain County Rape Crisis Center offers the following resources to anyone in need of sexual assault support services:

  • Sexual Assault Care Unit
  • Collection of evidence
  • Legal Advocacy
  • One-on-one support and education to survivors of sexual assault/abuse
  • One-on-one support and education to significant others of survivors
  • Curriculum based support and education group
  • Community education

Please ask for rape crisis on-call advocate 24-hour hotline response (1-800-888-6161). Please note that the 800# for the hotline cannot be accessed from a cell phone with a long-distance area code and students will need to use a land phone to call the hotline or use the local number (440-282-2335).

All services provided at Lorain County Rape Crisis follow the rape crisis model of support and education and the belief and focus that all sexual abuse is about power and control, therefore, examined first and foremost as a crime of violence.  Furthermore, services are free and anonymous.

The Lorain Rape Crisis Center also trains and utilizes volunteers both for community education and to answer the hotline. Hotline volunteers include Oberlin College students, Lorain County residents, people of color, people interested in the justice system, bi-lingual people and LGBT persons.

If you would like to receive training for hotline services or have any questions about the Lorain County Rape Crisis Services, please email the center at

For Oberlin College-specific resources and information, please see

&ensp;–Lori Morgan Flood
Assistant Dean of Students
Director, Center for Leadership in Health Promotion


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