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<< Front page News February 8, 2008

The News in Brief: CSL Honors Winter Term Service
A Festive End to Winter Term Students discuss their Community Service Winter Term Projects over a gourmet dinner. 

To celebrate Oberlin’s tradition of using Winter Term for local and international service, the Bonner Center for Service and Learning sponsored a banquet in Peters Hall on Tuesday, Feb. 5, where students returning from as far as Kenya and as close as Lorain shared their experiences with their peers.

This January, the CSL sponsored over 90 students, helping them complete over 11,200 hours of community service and research. Students, staff and community members came together over a delicious dinner to hear presentations from the OSCA Delegation to Nicaragua, Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans, Oberlin in Solidarity with El Salvador and the Dr. Seuss Day Celebration Planning Project, as well as to brainstorm ways to continue Oberlin’s commitment to civic engagement.


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