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<< Front page News February 8, 2008

The News in Brief: City Council Continues Coal Plant Debate

In January, while most students were away, Oberlin’s newly-elected City Council was grappling with a decision over the proposed AMP-Ohio coal-fired plant.

On Tuesday, Jan. 22, the Council heard a presentation from AMP-Ohio on the proposed plant. In the meeting that followed, an intense debate arose over two competing proposals, one increasing the city’s share in the proposed coal plant from nine to ten megawatts and one rescinding the contract with AMP-Ohio. The City Council has until Saturday, March 1, to pull out of the coal plant, if it votes to. It is expected to vote on the issue at its meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 19.

Since November, city officials and College faculty members have been coordinating a study of alternative energy sources. The results of the study by consultant energy advisors were initially expected sometime in late February, though the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram recently reported that the report might be delivered to Council as early as Monday, Feb. 11.

According to the corporation’s website, “AMP-Ohio is the nonprofit corporation organized in Ohio in 1971 for the purpose of owning and operating electric facilities or otherwise providing for the generation, transmission and distribution of electric power and energy to its members.”

In other news, David Sonner was elected President of the City Council by 5 to 2, while Jack Baumann was elected Vice President by 6 to 1 at the Council’s meeting on Monday, Jan. 7.


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