The Oberlin Review
March 7, 2008

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Problems at the Polls

Primary Inconclusive

Also in News:
Dr. Seuss Day Brings Books Alive
College Plans to Pave Paradise and Build New Parking Lot
Oberlin Alumni Spread Awareness at HIV/AIDS Symposium
Radio Lab Hosts Come Home
Oberlin Student Arrested for Assault
College and Students to Evaluate Policies of Higher Learning
The News in Brief
First-Year RA Arlo Herrine
Iraq Documentary Brings War Experience Home
Act Locally, Think Bioregionally


OB Fit '08 Shapes Up Community

It's Greased Lightning: Track and Field

Also in Sports:
Senior Ballers Play Last Home Game
Women's Tennis Remains Mentally Tough
Cleveland Rocks
The Plague Keeps Fighting Despite Losses
Short-Staffed Softball Maintains Strong Spirit
NASCAR Speedway Fails

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