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May 23, 1997
Volume 125, Number 25

Quote of the Year

We want to stay as far away from intellectual issues as we can.

Jeremy Goldson (College seior)
On the purpose of his Baseball ExCo

The Year in Quotes

If you can move a limb, I can help you bowl.

Tom Reeve (Manager of College Lanes Bowling)
On his bowling class

Great comedies are about losers.

James Burrows OC '62 (Television Producer and Director)
On what makes a sitcom work.

It's easier if you just don't let people know.

Anonymous Conservatory student
On being a Republican.

Well, I should just be taken out and executed. Nancy Dye College President

Nancy Dye (College President)
In response to a student's accusation that she does not support unconditional free speech.

The legacy of the house is filth.

Senior Dan Selzer (Former Big Five resident)
Regarding Big Five's status as Messiest House in America.

It sucks. We got the shaft.

John Fedota (Bitter College sophmore)
In response to hearing of the new packet of "goodies" being sent to prospective students.

I like having people strutting in front of me - it's an ego thing.

Augusta Rohrbach (Visiting Assistant Professor of English)
On the perks of being a Drag Ball runway judge.

Before the game we all sucked the Clubber. I can't tell you what it is. It's a secret.

Alysia Oakley (College junior and lacrosse goalie)
On pre-championship game strategy.


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