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Abby Person

The sometimes scant General Faculty (GF) meeting room was filled to capacity Tuesday as administrators welcomed the faculty back for the new academic year. Energy was high as new faculty members were introduced to the general faculty from both the Conservatory and the College.

Nine new Conservatory faculty members were welcomed along with 35 new faculty members in the College.

President of the College Nancy Dye reported on the entering class of students, saying it was the most selective year since 1990. Dye said the number of alumni children and the number of students from Ohio increased dramatically last year. The class also holds 51 National Merit Scholars compared with 34 last year.

The Conservatory also boasted a banner year in admissions, with 160 first-year students enrolling this fall.

Both the College and the Conservatory underestimated the number of students who would actually enroll in the fall. The lack of "summer melt" has led to bumper classes throughout the college and conservatory. "Both Karen [Wolf] and Clayton [Koppes] are carefully monitoring the enrollment situation," Dye said.

The overenrollment issue has created housing and dining overcrowding issues. Director of Admissions Debra Chermonte, however, was not available for comment.

The new class was greeted this year with new classroom technology in two lecture halls in King. Faculty members admired the new technology with oohs and ahhs as the new podium-controlled lights and computer screen projector were demonstrated.

Dye also announced the resignation of Vice President of Fundraising and Alumni Affairs Young Dawkins as she reported the stellar 1996-97 fundraising totals. $24.1 million was raised last year, launching it over 1989 to become the biggest fundraising year ever. The record falls just prior to the kicking off of the new active capital campaign.

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