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Acting Assistant Director of Security named

The Office of Safety and Security hired an acting assistant director over the summer. Marge Burton, who has worked as Museum Security Supervisor since 1987, has been acting as assistant director of the department since July 1.

The search committee for a permanent assistant director will make a final recommendation in the next few weeks, according to Director of Safety and Security Keith James.

Burton is a candidate for the permanent position. James said the committee is reviewing 65 candidates.

James said he is very pleased with Burton and the work she has done for the department. "Don't I look more relaxed," he said jokingly.

Burton said she has enjoyed learning more about the Oberlin community and the Office of Safety and Security.

Burton graduated form both Lorain County Community College and Baldwin-Wallace College. She grew up in the Oberlin area.

Susanna Henighan

Office of Communications changes name

Rick Sherlock said. "With the [previous] name, 'Office of Communications,' it sounded like we were running a TV show or something."

College Relations provides all Oberlin publications in addition to information on recruiting, fund raising, alumni relations, outside media, new services and every other relevant sources of information pertaining to the Oberlin environment. College Relations was the office's original title, until it was renamed the Office of Communications ten years ago.

Sherlock, along with newly promoted Vice President of College Relations, Al Moran, felt that the return to the true title gives a better explanation for the office's duties. Sherlock said that no confusion due to the change of titles has occurred, aside from the staff's having to answer the phones differently.

"We still serve the same purpose as College Relations, internally and externally," he said.

Lauren Viera

Tuition increase approved in 1997-98 budget

The Board of Trustees approved the College's final operating budget for fiscal year 1997-1998 at its June 14. The budget did not differ significantly from the preliminary budget approved in March.

Included in the budget is a 5 percent increase in tuition, as well as a nearly 12 percent increase in financial aid spending.

In the new budget the College will spend $25.4 million dollars on financial aid, as opposed to last year's $22.7 million.

Faculty wage spending also increased substantially over last year from $16.6 million to $17.8 million, an increase of 7 percent. Administrative and professional staff wages increased 4 percent.

A new element of the budget was an account of depreciation of current capital. The new category was required by new accounting regulations.

Susanna Henighan

Student Senators distribute new water bottles

The Student Senate is quenching Oberlin's thirst for politics. During first-year orientation, Senate distributed water bottles to students in an attmept to increase the visablility of Senate on campus.

"It was primarily to generate publicity for student senate," Senior senator Dan Persky said. "We wanted to show that it was a new, vibrant orgainization."

He said the water bottle seemed appropriate for the beginning of the year.

Approximately 300 bottles have been distributed to students, most of which were given at the resource fair at orientation. The Senate ordered 400 in total.

Persky said the Dean of Student Life gave the Senate a loan to pay for the water bottles. He said they were less than a dollar a piece.

Abby Person

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