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The first goal of the women's soccer season goes to junior Sarah Allen. About three minutes into the game, the midfielder punched the ball from 20 feet out and watched as it curved through the air and behind John Carroll University's goalie. Oberlin dominated the first half 2-1 before losing the game 4-2.

Sarah Allen
(photo courtesy of S.I.D)

This Week's Events

Saturday at Ohio Northern

Women's Soccer
Wednesday, 4:30 p.m. vs. Heidelberg

Men's Soccer
Tuesday at Wooster

Field Hockey
Saturday, 1 p.m. vs. Wittenberg
Sunday vs. DePauw at Wooster

Cross Country
Today, 6 p.m. vs. Wooster

Women's Volleyball
Oberlin-Travelodge Tournament
Sunday 10 a.m. and TBA


Intramural Sports Schedule
Sport Entries Due Play Begins
Touch Football Sept. 17 Sept. 20
Soccer Sept. 18 Sept. 21
Softball Sept. 19 Sept. 22
Volleyball Sept. 17 Sept. 20
Feild Goal Kicking Oct. 9 Oct. 11
Punt, Pass and Kick Oct. 9 Oct. 11
Eight Ball Oct. 29 Nov. 1
Basketball Oct. 29 Nov. 4
3 Point Shooting Nov. 3 Nov. 3
Horse Nov. 3 Nov. 3
Hot Shots Nov. 3 Nov. 3
Turkey Trot Nov. 24 Nov. 24
All information and sign-up sheets are available in Phillips lobby of Room 111. Phone 775-8519

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