November 7, 1997
Volume 126, Number 8

This Week's Stories

Top Girls production stimulates thought
Senior honors project defines success in cast, crew & finished product

Low-fi country brings twang to 'Sco Thursday

Tan Dun comes to Finney

OGASP shows Iolanthe

Netherlands Wind Ensemble unconventional, different

Underground '60s pop and retro revival merge at 'Sco

Poetry reading/open mike exhibits literary talents
Lit magazine Enchiridion hosts event at Feve

Midwest Composers' Symposium this weekend

Toasters, Scofflaws teach Obies how to skank to the beat

Hot-crossed Toasters get grilled In The Kitchen

Dona flor: risqué, but successful
Witty foreign film pushes realistic limit

Replacements reissue redefines alternative

Tan Dun composes important message

Feature Photo: Seven steps to Heaven

Feature Photo: Timara, Timara, I love ya, TIMARA

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Volume 126, Number 8, November 7, 1997

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