Flying horsecows gallop

The Oberlin Flying Horsecows came gliding out of the gate with authority last weekend in the year's first tournament. The 'Cows went 3-3 over both days in Cincinnati at club sectionals and earned a shot at advancing to club regionals with their game Sunday in Columbus against Ohio University.

With a mighty moo, Oberlin opened their first game of the year last Saturday by going to half with a 7-2 lead over Dayton University. However, their wings were clipped to begin the second half, as Dayton brought the score to 7-6. The Horseys were able to hold on despite the initial charge, and prevailed 13-11.

The second game saw the 'Cows come out very flat, playing sloppy disc against a virtually flawless Ohio University team. Down big early, they were never able to mount a comeback effort, and lost 13-3.The Horsecows got a bye after the debacle against Ohio, giving them a chance to re-group and re-hydrate under the bright Cincinnati sun. Again wearing the dark uniforms they had been saddled with as play began, the 'Cows came out strong against an experienced Moo Kaf club team, and went to half on top. In a bitterly contested struggle, the Horsecows led most of the way, but Moo Kaf kept close enough to make it interesting: too interesting for most Horsecows fans, in fact. The 'Cows again prevailed, however, to secure passage to the second day of competition.

The day's play for the Horsecows wrapped up in the next game, against the top-seeded powerhouse club team Pumphouse Five. Despite good execution early, the 'Cows again fell behind, and Pumphouse triumphed 13-2.

Following the night's rains, Oberlin came out to squishy fields made squishier by the day's play and on-and-off rain before the games.

The day's first game, against the club team North Coast, started with promise for the Horsecows. Tight defense kept the score low early, but the 'Cows could never get the offense going, turning the disc over far too much and giving Coast far too many opportunities. Thus, the Horsecows fell in the first game by a score of 13-1. But they did not lose hope, nay, for there was still the possibility of a back-door bid to club regionals should the Psychotic Japanese Chihuahuas lose their match.

In one of the tournament's most bitterly contested matches, the point cap was set at 13 and the Chihuahuas were tied at 12-12 for what seemed like forever in the eyes of Horsecows fans. But lose the Chihuahuas did, which sent them to play directly following their marathon heartbreaker, and against the newly energized and rested Horsecows, nonetheless.

The 'Cows jumped out to a lead early and brought the game to half at 7-4 against a visibly exhausted Chihuahuas team. Oberlin came out and dominated in the second half against the ever-tiring Chihuahuas, sealing the game up at 13-5. The win earned the 'Cows a game against Ohio University for the last bid to Club Regionals, but just as Ohio was wrapping up their semifinal game, also a romp, the storm clouds gathered.

Then the sky opened up, and nature's fury fell upon Southern Ohio in the form of pelting rain and, more importantly, lightning. Tournament officials suspended play, since under UPA rules a tournament cannot continue while there is lightning visible. The rain did not relent, and representatives from the tournament, the Horsecows and Ohio University agreed that the final match should be played Sunday, Sept. 27 in Columbus. And it was good.

The ebullient Horsecows packed into their spacious automotive transportation and headed home that Sunday afternoon, looking forward to their chance at glory in one week's time. The Horsecows, you see, have never been to club regionals, and will come out in full force against Ohio Sunday. By the time their game would have been played last Sunday, the Horsecows were playing without several players on their usually-deep bench, due to illness and minor injuries. But there will be no such concern this week, no such concern at all.

Jacob Kramer-Duffield is a member of the men's ultimate frisbee team.

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