November 5, 1999
Volume 128, Number 8


Catching raze in North Quad
- Review Editorial Staff

Money Talks
- Review Editorial Staff

Letters to the Editor

Commendations for starting dialogue
--Adriana Lopez-Young, Double-degree 5th year

Harkies have right attitude
--David Hughes, Conservatory sophomore

Instead of promoting materialism, promote living more with less
--Hans Peterson, College sophomore

Alternative for students
--David Lewis, College junior

Oberlin protects us from such goofs as dating Republicans
--Joe Sulman, College senior

Appropriate some common sense
--Suzanne Fischer, College senior

Response to Podiatry coverage
--Julie E. Weir, Vice Pres. Region VII, Pres 0COPE, OPEIU Local 50 2

Networking does not need to carry negative connotations
--Chris Pinelo '94, At-large member of the Executive Board of the Alumni Association

Buchanan is the perfect presidential candidate
--Christopher Wilson, League of National Coalitions, Assembled Associations Front Party

Oberlin must continue with its eternal pursuit of twin goals
--Booker Peek, Professor of African-American Studies

Starting point for further discussion on deans
--Jaya S. Bajpai, College senior

Thanks again field hockey
--Neal Schindler, College junior


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Volume 128, Number 8, November 5, 1999

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