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Volume 129, Number 13                                                          February 9, 2001

Dolan Defends Logo That Students Call Racist

Indian's Owner Debates Logo with Students

Indians within:Professor Will Wilson dons an Indians mask in an attempt to make Dolan understand the potential implications of the Wahoo mascot. (photo by Pauline Shapiro)

by Nick Stillman


The air was thick with tension when a small invitation-only group of students and faculty met with Cleveland Indians owner and Oberlin College trustee Larry Dolan Tuesday Dec. 19. Members who were chosen to participate in the discussion have criticized Dolan for continuing to use the Chief Wahoo symbol as the Indians mascot. Those in opposition see Wahoo as a racist caricature of Native Americans.

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Quote of the Week:

"I don't see the difference except that this one doesn't have an Asian American Studies section, and they replaced the radical books with children's books."

-Shruti Sasidharan
College Sophomore

On the Barnes and Noble-owned Oberlin bookstore versus the old Co-op


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Volume 129, Number 13, February 9, 2001

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