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He Never Spoke Without a Parable,
Volumes I and II

By David A. Redding ’53
Starborne House, 2000 and 2001

These revisitations of Redding’s classic study reveal the dangers in which Jesus’ parables placed him.

On the Psychotheology of Everyday Life: Reflections on Freud and Rosenzweig
By Eric L. Santner ’77
The University of Chicago Press, 2001

Santner puts Sigmund Freud in dialogue with his contemporary, Franz Rosenzweig, exploring theological aspects of Freud’s writings and the psychoanalytic implications of Rosenzweig’s philosophy.

Visual Basic Design Patterns:
VB 6.0 and VB.NET

By James W. Cooper ’64
Addison-Wesley, 2002

Cooper provides programmers with a convenient model for using design-patterned, object-oriented programming.

Correspondance Bancaire:
Français Anglais

By Judith Hamilton-Marie ’55
Bangue Éditeurs, 2001

With more than 3,000 terms and expressions used by those in the international banking field, this French-to-English translation guide is indispensable to bankers and students.

Singing in Czech
By Timothy Cheek ’80
Scarecrow Press, 2001

This guide for singers and coaches teaches each sound of the Czech language and offers a thorough overview of the Czech vocal repertoire and major songs texts.

Keyboard Melodies
By Nanette Gomory Lunde ’65
Skyline Publications, 2002

These melodies for class or private piano instruction offer “Quick Rules” that teach key, rhythmic frequency of chords, and cadences before harmonizing at sight.

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