If You Knew Nigel . . .

Readers of this issue's"Losses in the Oberlin Family" section will note the name of a relatively recent graduate, Nigel Williams '93. His suicide is a terrible loss to all who knew him. I was his best friend and soulmate, and I am open to communication from any friends of Nigel's who wish to know more about the circumstances. Though I have tried to communicate with many of the people who knew him, his friendships were far-ranging, and I know that I have not reached everyone. If you knew Nigel and would like to ask questions, or just talk, please feel free to contact me. E-mail: ross@cs.oberlin.edu. Post: 5720 N. 19th St., Arlington, VA 22205. Phone: (703)237-9407. I would truly appreciate the opportunity to speak with others who knew him.

Hugh Ross '93
Arlington, Virginia