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Leto's Journey
By James Pratley '49
Vintage Press, 2002

This is the fictional tale of Theodora, a single, lonely heart psychologist who invites five other professionals to join her on a cruise in Greece. Pratley is a retired professor of cell biology from San Jose State University. He began to study writing after being honored at the Cal Writer's Conference 10 years ago.

The Amazing Thinking Machine
By Dennis Haseley '72
Dial Books, 2002

Thirteen-year-old Roy builds a thinking machine that promises to answer any question that is asked of it. Constructed from some disregarded items and fueled by pennies and canned goods, his enterprising invention becomes a hit with neighborhood children and brings happiness to his family's bleak circumstances during the Depression. Haseley is the acclaimed author of more than 15 children's books.

By Noelle Kocot '92
Four Way Books, 2001

Winner of the 1999 Levis Poetry Prize and recipient of a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts in 2001, Kocot's first published work has been praised by critics for its passionate, controlled, moving, and laugh-out-loud humor. Inside, worlds collide with youthful rebellion and cultural disgust.

Spirit of Abundance:
Daily Reminders for Enriching Days

By Mary Anne Redmond '76
Abundance Resource Network, Inc., 2002

This collection of daily reminders offers simple phrases of advice, motivation, and spiritual healing. Redmond is the co-founder of Abundance Resource Network, Inc.

The Classical Tradition in Anatolian Carpets

By Walter B. Denny '64
Scala Publishers, 2002

Anatolian carpets, a sought-after item by museums and collectors, constitute the oldest and richest carpet-weaving tradition. This book takes a fresh look at the collection at the Textile Museum while offering a fascinating history of technique and design. Colorful photos illustrate this art form's timeless beauty. Denny is a professor of art history at the University of Massachusetts.

Tinderbox: U.S. Foreign Policy
and the Roots of Terrorism

By Stephen Zunes '79
Common Courage Press, 2003

Through an in-depth look at how the U.S. has contributed to the lack of human rights and democracy in the Middle East, Zunes argues that America is a target of terrorism because it has strayed from its values. He proposes an outline of what a foreign policy aimed at promoting security would really look like--and how to get there. Zunes is an associate professor of politics at the University of San Francisco.

Ecotourism & Certification:
Setting Standards in Practice

By Martha Honey '67
Island Press, 2002

Ecotourism promotes conservation and contributes to the welfare of local people, while helping travelers discover natural wonders and learn more about other cultures. But, says Honey, ecotourism must also form a clear set of tools, standards, and criteria. She is the program director of the Ecotourism and Sustainable Development Project at the Institute for Policy Studies.

The U.S. Army War College:
Military Education in a Democracy

By Judith H. Stiehm '57
Temple University Press, 2002

Established in 1901, the Army War College boasts that it provides elite career officers with advanced training in strategy, national security policy, and military-government policymaking--but are its graduates truly ready for real world scrutiny? Stiehm is a professor of political science at Florida International University and holder of the U.S. Army Distinguished Civilian Service Medal.

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