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A New Era For Athletes

Oberlin’s athletics programs have great potential,” says Vin Lananna, Oberlin’s new Delta Lodge Director of Athletics and professor of education.

Lananna comes to Oberlin after 11 years as director of track and field/cross country at Stanford University, recognized as one of top such programs in the nation. He served previously as the assistant director of athletics at Dartmouth College, where he also directed the men’s and women’s cross country/track and field programs for 12 years.

A 28-year coach, Lananna has been named NCAA National Coach of the Year three times, NCAA Regional Coach of the Year 17 times, and Pacific-10 Conference Coach of the Year eight times. Since 1994, he has served as president and co-founder of Nike Farm, a post-collegiate program for corporately funded professional athletes.

“Oberlin can be a model program for academic integrity and outstanding Divi-sion III athletics,” says Lananna, who will also coach Team USA’s middle-distance runners for the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece.

Read more about Lananna in the 2003 issue of “Heisman Highlights,” to be published in the winter issue of OAM.