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Alumni Experts Mark Campus Milestones

Photo by Al Fuchs
The retirement this year of David P. Young, Longman Professor of English and Creative Writing, was marked by a poetry symposium in April featuring pre- sentations by three of Young’s former students—each now a professor of English: Linda Gregerson ’71, University of Michigan; Peter Schmidt ’75, Swarthmore College; and Bruce Beasley ’80, Western Washington University.

Young, the author of nine books of poetry, has taught literature and creative writing at Oberlin since 1961 and was a founding editor of FIELD magazine and the Oberlin College Press.

Also returning to campus in April were three prominent neuroscientists. Offering glimpses of their research were Bruce McEwen ’59, head of the neuroendo-crinology laboratory at Rockefeller Univer- sity; Larry Squire ’63, a noted researcher in the area of memory; and Robert Wurtz ’58, a vision specialist at the National Eye Institute. The alums, each a past president of the Society of Neuroscientists, were on hand to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Oberlin’s Neuro-science Program.