The building was built by Mr. Hobbs, who operated the eastern storefront as the well-appointed Hobbs Restaurant and Bakery. An elegant evening out in Oberlin was dinner at the Hobbs followed by a play, or movie at the Apollo.
In 1917 the building was sold to Ira West, who owned another silent movie theatre, The Rex, on South Main. In 1922, Mr. West sold the business to the Bannon Corporation that owned several theaters in Lorain County.
Later that year Mr. West re-purchased the Apollo, much to the delight of Oberlin residents. Then in 1923 the Steele family, who still owns and operates the theatre today, purchased it.
The 1930s style remodel with black vitrolite, black and red brushed aluminum, and a tile walled ticket booth makes this one of Oberlin’s special buildings.