Downtown Oberlin has today only one building older than 1860, "It’s A Sleeper," at 49 East College. This much-altered structure is the only remaining wood frame building in downtown. It was the home of one of Oberlin’s earliest settlers, Dr. Johnson, who lived and practiced medicine here from 1846 until his death in 1890. From the time of Dr. Johnson’s death until 1931 the building continued as a residence.
In 1931, the occupant Mr. A.C. Burgess opened a sewing machine business here, with an addition as his display room. The lower floor has been home to various businesses since that date, with the upper floors serving as residence, both for business owners and renters.
A historic feature of this building is the carriage block with street number carved into it. We know this block was placed here after 1894, the year Oberlin’s streets were re-numbered. Prior to that the address was 21 East College.