<< Front page Commentary May 14, 2004

Reiterated criticism of CIT

To the Editors:

I am sorry this is the second time I’ve had to complain about CIT policies in a Review commentary. I wish I didn’t have to do it and it’s kind of embarrassing but I know I am doing this on behalf of all present and future Obies in my situation.

Here’s the deal: I am poor.

This said, I have to add that I am incredibly grateful to Oberlin College for the enormous amount of care and resources offered me by this institution. I know I will repay in kind when I am able to someday. But in order to get there, I need to write my papers on time, submit them in printed form and have 24-hour access to a web browser. I have been able to do all this in the CIT labs during the last two years, but I am finding it more and more difficult in light of their current policies.

Please, do not close Biggs! Since the CIT decreased the number of computers in Mudd, Biggs has been my only guarantee that I will write my papers on time. I know that lab is not always used, but it is useful when it counts and I’m just unable to finish all my papers one week in advance. What is more, the new printing quota has forced me to read most of my eRes documents onscreen and spend even more time in the labs!

I have to add that I am not totally earnest in my plea: I have had understanding roommates who let me use their machines and I’ve saved enough from my campus job to be able to buy my own computer in the fall. Nevertheless, it took me two years to get there and there are many poor Oberlin students who fare much worse than I do.

Even while this College is no longer offering need-blind admission, it shouldn’t be blind to the needs of its underprivileged students and the way the CIT has been making things for us more and more unfair.

–Apostol Dyankov
College sophomore


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