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May 14, 2004

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Students give administration Biggs headache

About 100 students marched to Tuesday’s General Faculty meeting to protest the closure of Biggs computer lab and the exclusion of students from administrative decision-making. Student frustration had been growing since Center for Information Technology Director John Bucher announced the closure in last week’s Review.

OC senator Ferguson resigns

After a dramatic session, Student Senate adjourned for the semester with a completed referendum, uncertainty as to the future compensation for senators and Curtis Ferguson resigning in indignation Sunday.

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Seniors end career with wins

Eight players donned the burgundy and gold for the last time Saturday as the Yeomen ended their 2004 baseball campaign. Senior pitcher John Damron was to the point in reflecting on the end of his Oberlin baseball career.

Lady Yeorunners finish fifth

The Track and Field NCAC Conference Championships last Friday were held at Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, Ohio. The women of Oberlin pulled out a very strong showing, grabbing fifth place overall. Denison University took home first-place honors.

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Dance concert brings new unity to arts at Oberlin

Once an in a while, an arts event comes along that incorporates the entire arts community without becoming overblown or forced down people’s throats by organizers. When this happens, the stage is set for a truly mind-blowing performance.

Orchestra excels under Smith

Last Sunday’s concert by the Oberlin Orchestra ended this year’s orchestra season on a high note.The performance was a terrific representation of the orchestra's growth this year.

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