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In the Locker Room with...John Damron

I recently sat down with Senior pitcher John Damron to talk about baseball, life and that crazy place where he lives, the Baker’s District.

So John, since the baseball season is over now what have you been up to?

JD: Hmmm…not much.

Are you going to miss playing organized baseball now that your senior season is finished?

JD: Yeah, I will definitely miss it and I didn’t realize quite how much until the last out of the last game, and then it hit me, man.

Did you shed a tear?

JD: I’m not one for tears, man, but that was really an emotional moment.

Like when you watched Old Yeller for the first time?

JD: Yeah that whole day [of the last game] was memorable. Me and Bamat [senior second baseman/shortstop Chris Bamat] turned this ill double play that I’m gonna remember for a long time. That whole last day, man, I was sitting on the bench the whole first game and you know I got to look back not only on the year but my whole baseball career.

So has it been a glorious career — do you own any Oberlin baseball records?

JD: (Laughing) I set the record this year for the most hit batters, I nailed quite a few of them this year. Nah, but seriously, I used to be tied for the most hits in a season.

So who robbed you of that honor?

JD: That would probably have to be either Kyle [junior catcher Kyle Nuemeier] or TD [senior pitcher Troy DeWitt], maybe Cap [junior catcher/3rd baseman Andrew Cappriello], I don’t really know. You could look it up if you really want.

I’m cool, I think I’ll take your unsure word as absolute truth. What would you say is the most memorable moment of your Oberlin baseball career?

JD: That would probably have to be when I was playing right field against Wooster last year and all their dudes were hitting it to the right-center gap, so I was playing in the gap instead of straight-away right field and there was a fly ball hit down the right field line that was real high and it started curving toward foul territory and of course I just took off after it as soon as it was hit and it stayed in the air for a long time. I didn’t think I’d get to it but I caught it in a full sprint on top of the bullpen mound. I looked up and there was the Wooster crowd, one guy told me “good catch” as if he had expected me to drop it.


JD: That’s actually my most memorable thing that I did myself, but the most memorable moment would have to be when TD [DeWitt] pitched a two-hit shutout sophomore year against Allegheny to pick up the win.

Yeah I actually remember that, wasn’t he named NCAC pitcher of the week?

JD: Yeah, yeah. That actually brings back a ton of memories, remember when Kyle trucked the catcher from Allegheny? Or remember when you got hit with a pitch and broke your hand?

Yeah I do remember that, it was wack. Getting on to other things, now that you’re almost finished with college, what’s next?

JD: I just take things one at a time, I’m gonna go and take care of some summer school and after that I’ll see what’s next.

So you live on Woodland Street. From what I hear people call it the Baker’s District, what’s that all about?

JD: It’s ironic how the baker is asking me that question.

Uhhh…I’m outta here. Just kidding. So what kind of baking goes down in the District? Any choice cakes or buns?

JD: I should be asking you that one, dude. I can only speak for the bakery, I can’t really speak for the other cribs in the district, like the house of debauch.

Well then, preach on that, J Dizzle. You got any cakes in the oven?

JD: There’s always some cakes preheating, dude.

True. True. Sounds choice. You have anything on tap senior week?

JD: Probably at least two or three, man.

You mean kegs, right?

JD: Mmm.


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