The Oberlin Review
September 17, 2004

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New grading policy reports student failures

Due to a change in grading policy if they do not pass their classes, Oberlin first-years will suffer the consequences on their permanent transcripts.

OBIES and others bike for democracy

Offering clothes to the drunken members of a bachelorette party was not an anticipated method of registering voters for sophomore Benji Whatley. Along with fellow biker, Mike Sowiski, Whatley parted with a sock for the male blow-up doll the women were carrying, and in exchange, the party added their names to the growing list of registered voters.

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Big plays by Diplomats too much for Yeomen

The Oberlin Yeomen lost a tight match to the Franklin and Marshall Diplomats at Dill Field last Saturday. Led by senior quarterback Ryan Squatrito, the Yeomen got some early momentum with a 54-yard completion and a four-yard touchdown scramble on the ensuing play.

Oberlin hosts home XC meet

Last Saturday, Sept. 11, the Oberlin athletic fields were home to the men’s and women’s cross country Great Lakes Colleges Association Championships. It was the only home country meet of the season and Oberlin fans showed their support by turning out in sizeable numbers for the 10 a.m. meet on the North Fields.

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Dance opportunities you never knew about

A question was posed to those sitting last Friday on the newly polished floors of Warner Main: why choose to dance at Oberlin College? Certainly there couldn’t be much happening at a place where tickets cost $2 and the most utilized performance space is a converted gymnasium. Why come to Ohio when there are Julliard, UCLA and NYU Tisch?

Jazzers moved by recital

For an unadvertised event, a surprisingly large audience fell sky down in silence and stuck as silently into the lacquered gym floor. The quartet drew a collective breath and the scattering of chairs moved imperceptibly closer to the stage. Electric anticipation bottled in a transformed venue; there was just the level of informality necessary to all memorable performances.

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