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Commencement 2004

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Workers decry handling of sexual harassment claim

Alleged sexual harassment and intimidation by a service employee have led a group of co-workers to voice frustration with the Human Resources Department, which they feel has been negligent in following through with promises to resolve the complaints.

College and students compromise over computers

After three weeks of protest, negotiation and miscommunication, the debate over the closing of Biggs computer lab and the future of 24 hour computing on north campus remains for the most part unresolved.

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Athletes of the Year: Amber Coleman, Quammie Semper

The Athlete of the Year awards this summer are bestowed on two versatile, four-year veterans of Oberlin’s sports scene. Each winner has been acclaimed for achievements both on and off the field. Each has led their respective teams to successful seasons. One has been a star for three different sports, the other a premier stopper on the improving football team.

Football excels on field and in class

This fall, Oberlin’s football team had its most successful season on and off the field in nearly 30 years under fifth year head coach Jeff Ramsey. Not only did the Yeomen compile their best record since 1974, tie for second in the conference and boast nine all-conference selections, but the team’s GPA was higher than it has been in recent memory, coming in at 2.99.

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Legendary Brubeck returns to Finney Chapel

Those expecting to hear jazz pianist Dave Brubeck play a laundry list of old standards in his Finney performance this past Oct. 4 went home disappointed. For the receptive listener, though, hearing the 82-year-old jazz master bring life into new works and reworked favorites reaffirmed his musical genius and proved that he has not lost a beat over five decades of concertizing.

The Arts at Oberlin, Remixed

Once an in a while, an arts event comes along that incorporates the entire arts community without becoming overblown or forced down people’s throats by organizers. When this happens, the stage is set for a truly mind-blowing performance.

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