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Club volleyball serves up win

by Dave Bechhoefer

The men's club volleyball team continued to be competitive as they went 1-1 last Sunday. The team played at Ohio Wesleyan University and lost 7-15 and 4-15.

"We weren't geling that well as a team," said first-year Rico Kim. "Their middles were outplaying us."

The men bounced back from the loss to lasso Earlham College, reigning NCAC champions, 15-8 and 16-14.

"We went out cocky against Earlham and played real confidently," Kim said. The club team took the floor without seniors Austin Kerr and Ryuji Iwasaki, both powerful hitters. To compensate for the loss, the men introduced a different offense.

Instead of the normal 5-1 with sophomore player-coach Sam Chung in the setting position, the team tried a 6-2 against Ohio Wesleyan with both Kim and Chung setting.

The new formation allowed Chung to hit when he was in the front line, as could Kim. When the innovation didn't work so well, the team shifted back to the 5-1 against Earlham, with Kim setting.

The team also could not get as much out of their middles, junior Steve Papavasilopoulos and sophomore co-captain B.J. Johnson, as they would have liked. "It was hard to go to Steve and B.J. because our passes weren't quite there," Kim said.

This year's NCAC tournament, originally scheduled for this weekend, has been postponed, probably until early in April. The team is going to try to schedule some home scrimmage games with the newly available time.


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