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Are you planning on voting? Why or Why Not?

³I certainly do. Isnıt it obvious? Itıs going to affect the way we live day to day. Itıs almost subtle, but itıs going to be day to day since new Supreme Court judges are going to be coming in.² David Andalman, College Senior

³Yeah. Iım scared of Bush.² Adam Barr, College Sophomore

³Yeah. If I donıt vote I donıt have a right to complain about anything...and I like to complain.² Liz Hassett, College Junior

³Yep. Because itıs the first time I get to vote for the president. I think itıs an important part of being a citizen. Iım going to sound like such a cheeseball, but itıs true.² Elizabeth Martin, College Senior

³No. Since I lived in Italy until two weeks ago, I donıt feel like voting if I donıt know how things are going.² Francesca Cantone, College Sophomore

³Yup. Because I donıt want Bush to win.² Angela Howard, College Senior

³Possibly. I donıt know how to register exactly and it might be too much trouble.² David Yarmolinsky, College Sophomore

³Iım not registered. Every time I think about voting, Iım either running, or on the go. I need to stop. I know the importance of it. However, I have the problem of being in the Oberlin bubble. I donıt know whatıs going on in the campaign and donıt have time to find out. Since I donıt know much about the candidates, I donıt want to vote without information.²Miranda Morton, College Senior


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