Students Respond to Alleged Rape
by Ariella Cohen

Responding to an alleged rape on campus Friday night, a “Take Back the Night” bonfire took place on Tappan Square Saturday night. That morning, anonymous people wallpapered campus with posters announcing that on the previous night “A Rape Occurred on Our Campus” and calling for an 8 p.m. mobilization. Approximately 100 members of the Oberlin community showed for the event, gathering around four tea candles and engaging in open dialogue.
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Student Groups Organize Under an Anti-Racist Banner

by Shahana Siddiqui and Boro Sen

In the wake of the tragedy that began last Tuesday and continues to bear influence over the lives of people throughout the world, Oberlin students have stepped up to organize educational and protest activities for the entire community.
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Muslim Students Seek Unity

To the Editors:
A great tragedy took place to the people of America as well as the people of the world. International relations as we know them, have completely collapsed. We can no longer afford to live in a bubble of safety and comfort. This was a grave incident to humanity. Our condolences and prayers go out to students, faculty and staff members of Oberlin College whose families and friends are in the New York and Washington D.C. areas.
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Football Narrowly Misses Win
by Colin Smith

Last Saturday, in their first home game of the season, the Oberlin College football team lost in the final two minutes to Pomona-Pitzer 25-21, before an enthusiastic crowd of 1,026. First-year quarterback Ryan Squatrito threw for 228 yards and three touchdowns and junior wide receiver Ricky Valenzuela had two touchdown catches and 113 yards receiving in the loss.
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