WRC Zoning Issue Resolved
by Shahana Siddiqui

Safe Space, Resource Center: The WRC hosts a number of campus resources, including ExCos on women's issues. (photo by Lee Dolan)


On Wednesday, after discussion between the College, the city and students, a decision made by the college to close the Women’s Resource Center (WRC) because of city zoning violations was overturned.

Last weekend the College had informed students involved with the WRC that the 124 Woodland Street location would need to close immediately due to the city’s charge that the mixed institutional use of the WRC violated area residential zoning regulations.

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South Bronx Artist Dances the Body, Identity

by Julie Johnson

“I dance in the nude if I fucking want to! It don’t mean nothing,” said dancer Arthur Aviles, self-proclaimed “faggot Puerto Rican from the South Bronx,” during his Monday night performance. Aviles is another of a line of guest artists brought to Oberlin as part of the Emerging Arts program’s “Maverick Artists/Visionary Educators” class.
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Garcia Lacks Feeling or Logic

To the Editors:
I am writing this letter to the pseudo-intellectual who strongly believes that we need “many, many” bombs in order to swiftly and permenantly do away with the overwhelming threat of terrorism that is unraveling the “unblemished” moral fabric of America. This letter also goes out to all of the angry people who are ready to brand people as terrorists because they are willing to consider viewing this tragedy in more than one unified, marginalized and bloodthirsty perspective.

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Field Hockey Shines in 4-0 Defeat of Kenyon
by Liz Logan

Crushing Defeat : Two Yeowomen converge on Kenyon defenders in Oberlin's 4-0 victory. (photo by Marc Penalver Aguila)

Oberlin’s field hockey team is back on its feet after defeating Kenyon College on Saturday. Suffering recent close losses to Denison, Wittenberg and Ohio Wesleyan, the Yeowomen knew their mission for the Kenyon game: to pull together into the aggressive, fluid whole that seemed to be only a distant memory like their victories against Transylvania and Earlham at the season’s commencement. But they succeeded, coming back full force to crush Kenyon with a final score of 4-0.
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