Remember Workers

To the Editors:

I received Nancy Dye’s letter today on the WTC attack and I thought I would add a comment that I feel important. All of our thoughts and prayers are with all who are suffering now.
I currently serve as the Organizing Coordinator of SEIU Local 32BJ in the NYC metropolitan area. We represent 70,000 workers who maintain office and apartment buildings thought NY, NJ and CT. We had 1,200 members who worked at the WTC as cleaners, window cleaners, security guards and concession workers. 350 worked in the daytime. 26 are still missing and presumed to have perished.
Much has been said about the heroic NYC police and firefighters. They deserve the praise. It is equally important to acknowledge the heroic acts of the everyday workers who made the Trade Center work. Many knew the building from over 25 years of service and helped rescue hundreds of people from the buildings when the first fires erupted.
Although we are grateful that only 26 of our 2,000 members who have lost their jobs in the WTC and buildings around it. Although they have a union which has helped them through the next six months and will eventually find them a job in the industry, the living are suffering also.
Just as Mother Jones said over 100 years ago: Mourn the dead and fightlike hell for the living. Thus, we must continue to struggle to improve all people’s lives while we try to nail down and punish these evil culprits.
–Kevin Brown
OC ’87

October 5
October 12

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