Yeospikers Lose Two Matches
by David Cammarata

As the volleyball season continues, the Oberlin College women’s volleyball team perseveres through the trials and tribulations of a season that has been more difficult than pleasurable. This season has taught this team some serious lessons and it has prepared them well for the rest of a season that shows little hope of giving much light in a dreary downpour of defeat.
With a record that some people don’t even wish upon the worst of cross-town rivals, the team has sunk; however, as many people might note, it is possible to go much further. This is a team that has shown remarkable ability to come together and persevere through these trying times. This is a team that has battled for every point, fought for every game and gone home silent and angry after the difficult defeats.
On Sept. 29 the Yeowomen were confronted with a double header against Thiel College (Pa.) and Albion College (Mich.). It is difficult to look at the scores of these two matches and proclaim even a moral victory for the Yeowomen. It is even more difficult to talk to the players on the team and hear shining reports about the possibilities that this team has.
Even on a weekend where the Yeowomen were forced to start two players that had received little or no previous playing, they still competed. In the first contest of wills they fell in four sets. The scores of those sets were 20-30, 11-30, 30-28 and 22-30. Each match played on Saturday, every serve, every bump, every pass, these Yeowomen battled for respect not just from their fans but for themselves.
After the defeat was handed to the Yeowomen by Thiel, they battled Albion. Albion had come all the way from Michigan for this contest. After a long bus ride and a long day they were ready for the Yeowomen. To say that they handed the Oberlin College women’s volleyball team a sound thumping would be an understatement. Yet, again, these women came out to play; however, in an attempt to fight for a victory, they fell 14-30, 11-30 and 18-30.

Sophomore Amber Coleman gives, perhaps, the best version of what is happening. “Things are coming together nicely, we just need to put the icing on the cake,” Coleman said. This comment speaks volumes for the Women’s volleyball team at Oberlin College. There is a solid team here, but it is necessary for the Yeowomen to get the sweet taste of victory several more times before this season is over.

In another sad twist of the sports gods, the Yeowomen battled Notre Dame College of Ohio on Wednesday. This night game that took place away was a scene that is reminiscent of the rest of the season so far. The Yeowomen fell in three sets; 23-30, 11-30, 20-30. It was definitely a tough game that sent many of these women home upset. However, it is possible to see the rays of light shining through towards the end of this season. With all of these problems that have been faced it is possible to say that there will be a bright day ahead for Oberlin.
The losses drop Oberlin’s record to 1-17 overall and 1-2 in North Coast Athletic Conference play. Saturday, the Yeowomen face Wooster and Ohio Wesleyan at home.

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