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Rick Valenzuela, a junior transfer from Modesto Junior College, is having more than just a good football season at wide receiver for the Yeomen this year.
Valenzuela put on an impressive display of ability last Saturday, Sept. 29, against Wabash College, amassing 239 yards receiving and three touchdowns on nine catches.
Though the Yeomen lost 56-26 to the Little Giants, Valenzuela stepped up his game, putting on a display for the fans.
His performance gave him the Oberlin College record for receiving yards in a game, breaking Rollie Schick’s record of 220 yards in a game. Schick set the previous record against Hiram College in 1978.
Valenzuela needed just 11 yards to break the North Coast Athletic Conference record of 250 yards in a game held by Wabash’s Kurt Casper.
In addition to breaking the school record for receiving yards in a game, Valenzuela was also named the Dan Hansen National Football Weekly Player of the Week and the Player of the Week.
Through four games, Valenzuela is the NCAC leader in receptions, averaging 10 per game, and in receiving yards per game with 181.2 yards.
Not only is Valenzuela having a good year in conference play, his numbers are drawing national attention. He currently leads the NCAA DIII in receiving yards a game, is third in the NCAA in receptions per game and fourth in single game yards.
Valenzuela and the Yeomen have the week off before traveling to Hiram College to take on the Terriers on Oct. 13.

Marquee Event

Women’s Volleyball,
vs. The College of Wooster,
11 a.m.
vs. Ohio Wesleyan University,
3 p.m.

Come watch the women’s volleyball team as they take on North Coast Athletic Conference opponents Ohio Wesleyan and Wooster this Saturday in Philips Gymnasium. Show the women’s team some mad love by rolling out of bed and dragging your ass to the gym.

In the Locker Room with. . .

After an exhausting search, I finally find sophomore Ultimate Frisbee star Will Miller in the Bike Co-Op, fighting with a spoke on a bike. Will, if I may have a few minutes of your time?

WM: Sure, let’s do this.

What exactly is Ultimate Frisbee?

WM: It is played with an Ulitmate Frisbee disc.

What are the rules?

WM: Well, two teams of seven square off on a football-like field and the object of the game is to put a pass into the endzone.

So is it like football? Do you get downs? What about turnovers?

WM: You have positions like handlers and defense, you run plays; the object is to score without dropping the disc.

So, if you drop it does the other team get it?

WM: Yes, if you drop the disc the other team gets it, also if you are playing defense and you knock the disc out of someone’s hands, you get it.

So are there referees in Ulitmate, or how is it regulated?

WM: There are no referees so to speak. We have what is called “Spirit of the Game.” Basically everyone is their own referee.

Do you guys get in fights a lot, or is it pretty tame?

WM: It really depends on the team. Some teams get salty at times. I’ve never really seen a big fight.

So there’s never really any all out brawls?

WM: Not that I know of.

It would be cool though. So back to this “Spirit” bull. If I were to just run up to you and “accidentally” hit you in the face all you would do is call a foul on me? Because I know if someone did that to me I wouldn’t call a foul, I would just hit him back.

WM: Well I would call a foul on you and most likely hit you in your balls.

Ok, most sports have balls in them. You guys play with a disc. So is frisbee really a sport?

WM: Well if you measure a sport by how many pads you wear then no, I guess it’s not.

Right, so what teams do you guys play in tournaments?

WM: We play teams from all over really. Some big schools and some small.

I knew this frisbee player last year who used his disc for everything. I mean everything. He ate out of it, kept loose change in it, then took it out and tossed it around. Personally, I think that is really gross, not to mention unsanitary. Is that a common practice among frisbee players?

WM: No, I don’t think that is a common practice.

No one eats out of them then?

WM: No, I have never really seen anyone eat, so to say, out of them, drinking however...

That brings me to my next question. I heard a disc holds like three or four beers. Can you drink a disc?

WM: 42 ounces exactly.

42 ounces... Jake just told me it was 52... Anyways.. Can you down 52 ounces of a fine malted beverage?

WM: I have attempted the task, but I would just like to give a shout out to Mike D.

Who the hell is Mike D? I’m assuming you aren’t talking about the Beastie Boy?

WM: Mike D drank a disc in like 53 seconds.

53 seconds, that’s damn impressive.

Katy Goodman, a Bike Co-Op worker informs me that a big, black spider has just crawled into my bookbag. After a few minutes of seaching I find the invader but a quick protest of spider cruelty allowed it to scamper off and live another three days... tops.

So yeah, that’s really impressive. Is that what Ultimate is about? Getting drunk and chasing other people around a field with a disc?

WM: Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

Is there a lot of drinking every match or practice you go to?

WM: Technically, no. Just at beer practice.

Beer Practice?

WM: I would just like to say that Ultimate Frisbee does not condone the comsumption of alcohol.

Well, that’s a bunch of bullshit.

WM: Well, does not condone... whatever.

So do you have a special frisbee? Is one more important than any other to you?

WM: Actually, the frisbees are pretty promiscuous.

Promiscuous discs full of beer?

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