Sexual Assault Charges Dismissed
by Zachary Pretzer

In response to charges of rape brought against two Oberlin College students on Sept. 25, a preliminary hearing was held at the Oberlin Municipal Court on Wednesday morning. It was determined that there was not sufficient evidence to take the case to the Lorain Country Grand Jury.
The post-hearing statement issued by the Court read as follows: “Preliminary hearing held. Evidence presented by prosecutor and defense. Upon the evidence, the Court finds no probable cause to believe that an offense has been committed herein. Case dismissed. Defendant discharged.”
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Kenney and the Art of Motorcycle Modernity

by Megan Karsh

For those loathe to ask cerebral questions like “What is art?” “What role does creation play in the classification of art?” and “What can art convey about desire and experience that words cannot?” Mike Kenney’s installation in Fisher Gallery may not be their cup of tea. Kenney’s one-man show, on display until Nov. 9, is a highly conceptual and symbolic work that raises questions regarding the role of the artist as creator in addition to exploring themes of power, escape and freedom. It manages to do all of this without sacrificing clarity and beauty. For those visiting the installation who enjoy exploring the conceptual side of art and are willing to put time into understanding the points Kenney makes through his medium and subject matter, it is a worthwhile and interesting endeavor. For everyone else, well, they’ll get to see a really nice motorcycle.
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Yeomen Pummel Kenyon in First Home Win
by Colin Smith

On Saturday, Oct. 20, while many Oberlin students were packing up and leaving campus, the football team was getting psyched up for what would be its first win in over three years. In the team’s most cohesive game of the season, the Yeomen dominated the Kenyon Lords, cruising to a 53-22 victory and laying to rest an NCAA-high 44 game losing streak.
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Hit the Road, Ye Evangelists

To the Editors:
This is an open letter to Oberlin’s Saturday morning street preachers. These days there are people who, in their confusion and fear, distort the scriptures and end by inspiring hostility and distrust, sometimes even death and destruction. That is what the Sept. 11 killers have done. That is what you are in danger of doing with your messages of exclusion and doom.
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