Assault Raises Safety Concerns For College
by Tobias Smith

At 1:30 on Sunday morning an Oberlin student was assaulted after leaving a

large off-campus party on South Professor Street. Shortly after the attack, the student, a male first-year, went to the Oberlin Medical Center with a fractured nose and cheekbone, among other injuries.
Three persons, none of whom are students, have been arrested on charges of assault or complicity. The Oberlin Police Department issued a press release on Thursday listing all three of the alleged perpetrators as Oberlin residents, two of them as minors.
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House Leaves Audience with a Taste of the Insane

by Lauren Campbell

Last week’s production of John Guare’s award-winning play The House of Blue

Leaves, directed by senior Joya Colon-Berezin, invited the audience to cry, to laugh and sometimes to fidget uncomfortably.
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Swimmers and Divers Defeat Baldwin Wallace
by Liz Logan

Oberlin’s swim team began the season with three losses and a win — two losses for the women’s team, and one win and one loss for the men’s. The first meet of the season was held on the home turf of national champions Denison on Nov. 3. The men’s team lost 88 to 138, and the women’s team lost 82 to 139.
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Student Apologizes For Signs

To the Editors:
On Oct. 30 I was responsible for placing approximately 40 faux flyers around campus falsifying warning statements from President Nancy Dye and Attorney General John Ashcroft and false quotes from terrorists threatening “imminent” attacks against a student on campus. The fliers warned of an expected terrorist attack against this individual, urging students to be on “high alert” and disassociate from the aforementioned person for their safety and security.
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