Hockey Rink Closes With No Sure Plans to Reopen College Stops Paying Expenses
by Kathryn Antognini

Once a favorite gathering spot of students, townsfolk and the hockey team, the Oberlin ice rink is now empty after a recent administrative decision to cease funding the facility.
The College decided to close the rink upon learning that the Lorain County Hockey Association (LCHA), who had leased the rink seven years ago, owed roughly $80,000 to various utility companies. As a result, the Oberlin ice hockey team is currently searching for a new home.

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Dancers Pay Homage to Ancestors, Reverence to Body

by Patricia Ngnoumen

Oberlin students gathered in Warner Main Stage last weekend to witness a spectacular dance performance produced by senior Dominique Atchison. Pass Me Not was an arrangement of eight individual pieces that dealt with personal issues that have affected Atchison’s life.
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Football Team Chews Up Denison Big Red, 33-20
by Colin Smith

On Saturday the Oberlin College football team allayed any fears of a long losing streak, playing a solid four quarters for a win in their final home game of the season. The Yeomen dominated the Denison Big Red defensively and the offense posted an impressive 33 points as Oberlin won 33-20.
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Writer Calls For Moratorium On Cayo-Cotter Quotes

To the Editors:
Would it be possible for you to STOP quoting Brianna Cayo-Cotter? Not that my life hasn’t been made more complete by knowing her opinion and having her input on EVERY campus issue (and it IS every issue), or that her very affected attitude hasn’t inspired me. I just feel that since we have so many intelligent and thoughtful students on this campus, perhaps we should take advantage of the diversity, and print other people’s opinions every once in a while. Just a thought.
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