Students Debate Credit System
by Michelle Sharkey

A heated debate ensued Wednesday when a proposal was suggested to replace Oberlin College’s Credit/No Entry grading system with a standard grading scale. A group of about thirty students gathered at the student forum held this week by the Educational Plans and Policies Committee (EPPC) to discuss three major policy changes the committee is proposing. The purpose of a student forum, which was announced a week ago via an OCMR notice, is to elicit student input before the EPPC makes its recommendations to the College faculty. The proposals must pass a faculty vote to become a part of college policy. Though the EPPC does take students’ views into account in making its recommendations, there is no mandate that they must do so. The recommended policy changes will most likely be voted upon in April, though any approved changes will take years to come into effect.
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West African Griot Mixes Culture and History

by Christina Morgan

A small group of Obies were treated to a delightful presentation of a centuries-old form of West African music when Alhaji Papa Susso, a Griot from the Gambia, performed in Lord Lounge on Monday evening. “Are you going to dance tonight?” Susso asked enthusiastically as he took the stage.
While at first it seemed that many did not want to get out of their seats, it wasn’t long before Susso’s cheerful mood spread throughout the audience.

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Dust Settles After Abrupt End for Men’s Hoops
by William Singer

After coming to grips with the revelation that the Oberlin men’s basketball team had used an ineligible player all season, the College has begun to react to the reality that the most successful season in 10 years has ended without a single win.
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Plan Columbia has Coded Aims

To the Editors:

I would like to thank the perspectives editor for his insightful analysis of the war on drugs presented in the Feb. 8 edition of the Review in response to the Super Bowl anti-drug adds. In light of the perspectives piece last week criticizing the initial article I would like to offer some additional information that will better connect the anti-drug campaign in our country to the war on drugs and more recently the war on terrorism in Colombia.
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