Alumni to Redevelop 43 E. College into Multi-Use
by Scott Ewart

“Sprawl does not occur because people don’t care about farmland,” senior Naomi Sabel said. “It happens because land a mile down the road is one-thirtieth of the cost of land in town. People don’t build ugly houses that all look the same because they have bad taste — they do so because an ugly house identical to all the others is usually the only financially feasible choice. In general it doesn’t pay to go green or go downtown.”
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Reggae Legends Bring Good Vibes, Wise Words

by John MacDonald

Oberlin students woke up Monday to a bitterly cold morning, but those folks who made it to the Culture show that night at the ’Sco got enough warmth and energy to last them until next spring.
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Men’s Tennis Wins First, Women Still Unbeaten
by Brian Roche

Both the Oberlin men’s and women’s tennis teams enjoyed victories last Saturday against Otterbein College from Westerville, Ohio. The men picked up their first win of the season while the women remained unbeaten at 3-0.
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Sexual Violence Dialogue Continues

To the Editors:

Mr. Joffe-Walt believes that I misunderstood his original letter regarding sexual violence. While that’s possible, it’s also possible that he misunderstood my point. So I’ll attempt to clarify. I believe that my point is considerably easier to understand than his point.
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