Interns Retained, Future Staffing In Discussion
by Ariella Cohen

An armada of students, armed with stickers and petitions, applauded members of the Standing Committee On Pluralism and Equality (SCOPE) Thursday morning as administrators, faculty members and student representatives made their way into the office of the Dean of Students. The third in a series of hastily called meetings concerning the fate of the College Multicultural Resource Center, yesterday’s conversation focused on establishing the process through which to negotiate the center’s future.
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Sibling Ribaldry Explores Renaissance Improv

by Andrew Leland

Seniors Peter Cairns and Peter O’Leary and the rest of the cast and crew of Sibling Ribaldry have been working excruciatingly hard this semester raising money, building a gigantic wooden box, outfitting it with security cameras and microphones, designing audio software, experimenting with prosthetic make-up, improvising, writing, rehearsing, researching archaic forms of European theater and the theory of comedy and trying to marry two potentially hostile art forms. And they have one main goal in mind: entertaining the heck out of an Oberlin audience.
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Softball Misses Victory Against Allegheny by a Hair
by Jesse Aron

The Oberlin softball team got a boost of confidence last week, then fell just shy of pulling off their first conference victory this week.
“It was a great game — I thought we had them,” Head Coach Jane Wildman said the day after a heart-breaking 4-3 loss to Allegheny College in the first game of Wednesday’s doubleheader. The Yeowomen played arguably their best conference game of the season coming off a sweep of Lake Erie the week before in a non-conference doubleheader.
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Review Editorial Deeply Flawed

To the Editors:

While going about my business this Saturday as I normally do, I happened to read your staff editorial on “binge drinking” at Oberlin, and was knocked (metaphorically) ass-over-teakettle by its implication that people who like to drink several nights a week — people such as myself, I will confess with disarming frankness —“have a problem.” In a masterful display of rhetorical power and force, the piece begins “Monday night: pitchers at the Inn. Tuesday night: quarter beers. Wednesday night: any special at the Feve.” Well, first of all, Wednesday night at the Feve is actually any special except Friday’s — get your facts straight, you bunch of tea-sippers!
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