College and OSCA Improve Transgender Housing

To the Editors:

In light of Transgender Awareness Week, we are writing to inform you about some recent changes regarding transgender inclusiveness in both the mission of OSCA and the housing policy of the Department of Residential Life.
Last month the housing and dining committee approved two policy changes. First, all residence halls with three or more bathrooms would have bathrooms designated specifically for male, female, and non-gender specific. It will be up to the residents of each building to determine the location of the bathrooms during the first two weeks of the fall semester. Second, Residential Life will hold a number of singles each year for students that identify as transgender and express a need for the privacy of a single by filling out a single room exception form. Similarly, OSCA has voted this week to give singles priority to transgender students who feel uncomfortable living with a roommate. Also, all housing and dining co-ops with bathrooms must maintain at least one gender neutral bathroom at all times. OSCA will also be abandoning all references to biological sex and instead will use self-identified categories of gender in all internal and external paperwork.
We thank the community for your support and turnout during Transgender Awareness Week. If you missed any of the films or would like to become more involved with the transgender community, there are films and other resources available at the MRC in Wilder 208.

–Kasi Chakravartula
College senior
–Ryan Forsythe
Resident Director
–Michael Hartwyk
LGBT Community Coordinator

April 19
April 26

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