Faculty Pass CAS Program
by Ariella Cohen

Comparative American Studies became the College’s newest academic program in a unanimous faculty vote at Tuesday’s College Faulty meeting. The interdisciplinary program addresses race, class, gender and sexuality in American society and culture, approaching identity formation in the U.S. by examining the trajectories of Latino Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people.
Students, clad in black-markered “CAS Now!” T-shirts, offeredfaculty members stickers and balloons as they passed into the meeting. This huddle of cheering, sign-clutching students was familiar to faculty members who had attended recent meetings addressing other issues of student concern such as the MRC. On those occasions, like Tuesday, students felt a need to be seen.
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Multimedia Project Explores Identity Formation
by Patricia Ngnoumen

This weekend at the photodomes, senior Alison Marshall had the opening of her senior show, Inscriptions: Contemplating Identities. A multimedia installation that includes video production, photography and sound installation, Inscriptions explores ways that identities are culturally and socially formulated. The show is segmented in three different sections that deal respectively with issues concerning body image, interracial dating and town and College relations.
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Yeomen Basketball Coach Cavey Not Returning
by Colin Smith

Nearly three months ago, the Oberlin men’s basketball team was forced to forfeit its season because of an ineligible player. Two weeks ago Mike Muska resigned as Oberlin athletic director. Now this year’s head basketball coach, Mike Cavey, whose contract is up, has declined to interview to return as basketball coach.
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Students Should Work Together

To the Editors:

By now I’m sure you’ve all seen the petition calling for the removal of Dean Goldsmith. This petition makes me sad. In Dean Goldsmith’s years at Oberlin, I have worked with him closely on a number of projects, and have never found him to be anything but a kind, understanding administrator at this College. Never once did he show any sort of disrespect towards myself or my opinions; in fact, he went to great lengths in all my workings with him to make sure that my (and others’!) opinions were heard and taken into account.
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May 10

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