Congress Authorizes Military Action Against Iraq
by John Byrne

The nation rolled closer to war yesterday, as both houses of Congress voted in favor of a resolution authorizing military action in Iraq. The House of Representatives voted 296-133, and the Senate joined them early this morning, 77-23.
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Low Brings Distinctive Sound to the íSco
by John MacDonald

Representing the ’Sco’s first major rock act of the semester, Low took the stage Friday night to a packed house and a willing audience. Despite their hushed harmonies and minimalist melodies, enough of the essential intimacy of the Duluth, Minnesota trio’s sound managed to assert itself above the clang of breaking beer bottles and the rumble of laughter and shuffling feet. With admirable support from long-time American Music Club frontman Mark Eitzel, the evening proved to be as emotionally cathartic as it was a positive start to the fall concert schedule.
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Field Hockey Makes Earlham, Denison Quake
by Blake Wilder

The Oberlin College field hockey team has taken their game to the next level and shown evidence that they have indeed improved.
This week they added back-to-back wins. The first came on Saturday in a 2-0 victory over Earlham College; on Wednesday they added the second in a 2-1 overtime victory against Denison, who had defeated Oberlin 2-1 earlier this season. The Yeowomen now have a record of 6-3 overall and 5-3 in the conference.
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Clarifying APA Studies Position

To the Editors:

We as members of the Asian Pacific American Studies Committee are writing a response to last week’s article, “National Group Boycotts Sociology Position Search,” and the editorial piece entitled “College Diversity Not Reflected in Tenure.” We would like to make clarifications regarding the issues presented in the article and editorial. The pieces focus on the dissonance between the Association for Asian American Studies (AAAS) and Oberlin College. However, as evidenced by the quotes within the article, the AAAS as an organization is NOT BOYCOTTING Oberlin College. Rather, several specific members have decided to sign a petition supporting the case of Antoinette Charfauros-McDaniel. The article headline portrays the entire Asian American Studies caucus as fully supporting Antoinette Charfauros. We as students are more concerned with the development of Comparative American Studies, the future of Asian Pacific American studies at Oberlin College, and the communication between students, administration and sociology department. The pieces in the Review obscure the issues that are of greater importance and ultimately oversimplify the nature of the situation.
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