College Scraps Positions as Endowment Dwindles
by John Byrne

Winter is going to be a bit colder this year at Oberlin.
Eleven members of the College community were told their positions were being eliminated Monday. Unless they switch to lower-paying vacant positions, they will be forced to leave by Nov. 30. Administrators eliminated six union positions, and five positions in the Administrative and Professional Staff.
Figures provided to the Review from the Finance Office stated that about $130,000 was saved by cutting and reducing union positions, and another $300,000 by terminating non-union office workers. With these cuts, and those positions vacated in the hiring freeze, the College has saved $2.8 million.
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Diaries Finds Harrowing Tales in the Mundane
by Cat Richert

“Hi. It’s a couple days after my birthday, so I’m 20. It just sort of all hit me today. I was lying on the couch in the living room, and the sun was setting, and I just, I just knew it. It was at that moment that I really felt that I wouldn’t be alive at New Year’s. The last few weeks, I definitely felt that I was starting the dying process, and it’s just a matter of when. How fast. How much at a time… ”
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Field Hockey Earns Spot in NCAC Tournament
by Blake Wilder

A team that had to resort to postering to fill its roster at the beginning of the season is now on its way to the NCAC tournament. The Oberlin College field hockey team finished fourth in the conference with a record of 8-5 and 11-5 overall led by first year head coach Deb Ranieri.
“We have a great team. Everybody on the team is on the same page,” Ranieri said. “They know when to work hard and they also know when to have a good time. They all want to play well. They want to win. They’re a great group. It’s easy when they’re all on the same page.”
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Heartbroken Obie & Employee

To the Editors:

I write to you as a former employee and as an alumna who would like Oberlin’s President to answer some questions. In late 1995, Andy Evans announced that Oberlin was suffering from a “structural deficit.” He said eliminating positions that were overloading the framework would fix the problem at its core. My position was among those eliminated, but, like a malignancy, it has grown back in the form of Mary Travorha. What exactly does “eliminate” mean?
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