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Man Jailed for Trespassing After Students Call Police
by John Byrne

After a 911 call to police early Sunday morning, a non-student male who had been sleeping in Harkness was arrested and charged with criminal trespassing.
Jon Christian, 32, with no legal residence, was not allowed to post bond because he was found to have been living on the streets and in dormitories. He has been arrested numerous times for various assault charges in four states and has used numerous aliases, police said.
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Fall Forward Brings Student and Faculty Work
by Jessie Male

This year’s Fall Forward dance concert began with an intense red light shining on the center of Warner Main. The silhouette of first-year Brianna Rego stepped toward the audience, her long skirt swirling around her legs, hands held high in the air. She turned her ankle and raised her head. These were the first movements in a dance concert featuring nearly 90 minutes of stimulating student and alumni choreography and performance.
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Bishops Block Football’s Attempt for Third Win
by Colin Smith

Through two and a half quarters they were in control. Through three-plus quarters they were still in position to win. But ultimately, a combination of seemingly minor miscues throughout the game added up to a heartbreaking loss for the Oberlin College football team.
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Cheers to Oberlin College

To the Editors:

During my four years as an Oberlin student, my “Learning and Labor” included cheerleading at football and basketball games — HOLLERS FOR SCHOLARS! — was great fun jumping, leaping and yelling on the sidelines, seeking spectator support (vocal, at least) for our teams. In my senior year (1949 - dark ages), on the front cover of the Oberlin Alumni Magazine, there was a picture of three cheerleaders, in uniform, doing a leaping-cheer! ‘Twas me and two classmate cheerleaders!
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