Photo Blunder

To the Editors:

I was amused and not a little surprised when a photographer — I assume from the Review — attended my guest lecture last week for the Women’s Studies Brown Bag Lecture series on Nov. 1. At last, I thought to myself, feminist classical scholarship is receiving the sort of attention from the media that it so richly deserves.
I am, however, even more amused and bewildered by the photo on pg. 3 of the 11/8 review, captioned: “Kirk Ormand Guest Lecture: Students attend a guest lecture (Photo by Jonathan Solars).” (An aside: Do you think you could be a bit more informative in your captions? You may as well have just written, “Students sit at desks; Television in background.” But I digress.) You see, the picture is not, so far as I can tell, of my lecture. The man sitting at the table, evidently the lecturer, bears little relation to me, and I don’t recognize any of the students in the photo either. For the record, I look much more like an ostrich than the man in the photo, and I tend to lecture (as I did on Nov. 1) while standing up, and flailing my arms in an animated fashion. Think of the robot in the original Lost in Space (“Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!”) and you’ll have a much more accurate picture. I just thought somebody should set the record straight.

–Kirk Ormand
Department of Classics

November 15
November 22

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