Blizzard cuts power to College and town
by Kate Antognini and Jesse Baer

Jessica Pearlman just wanted to turn on her computer. But for a few seconds Tuesday night, she thought she had turned off the campus.
“So I had this little surprise birthday party,” Pearlman said. “I still had a lot of work to do. Hours and hours — it was ridiculous. I went to turn on my computer as people were leaving, and a loud boom came from my speakers, whereupon all the lights in my room went off. We looked in the hallway and all the lights had gone off in the hallway. We looked outside and all the lights had gone off there. And then the entire campus broke out into chaos.”
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Indigo Girls to sing for peace in Finney Chapel
by Julie Sabatier

Saturday night will see a lot of tired protesters. Some will be in New York City, some will be in Cleveland, some will be half-way around the world and some will be in Finney Chapel listening to Amy Ray and Emily Saliers, The Indigo Girls, sing out for peace and social justice.
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Yeowomen hoops fall to Denison, Allegheny
by Mary Annaise Heglar

Over the past week, the Oberlin College women’s basketball team has had two away games, despite falling short in both, neither was a total loss. Rather, both were learning experiences.
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Judical summary for Fall 2002

To the Editors:
Over 110 cases involving alleged violations of the Code of Conduct were reported to the Judicial Coordinator during the fall semester, an increase from 80 cases a year ago. An explanation for the increase is that low-level violations of the alcohol policy (i.e. underage drinking and open container), often heard by members of the Office of Residential Life in the past, are now referred to the Judicial Coordinator for reasons of record keeping and consistency. While the majority (96 percent) of cases were heard by the Judicial Coordinator, at the request of the Respondents and because they were certain to result in sanctions less than suspension, situations potentially resulting in probation and suspension were heard by members of the Judicial or Community Board.
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