Bombs to drop, students to walk
by Gavin Platt

The Oberlin Coalition Against the War has made plans to participate in the National Student Walkout for Day X, the school day after U.S. bombing commences.
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Shorts bring dynamic theater from Obie writers
by Sara Ris

No, not that little half-sheet of paper that used to sit in your mailbox every week. The Oberlin Shorts is a soon-to-be annual festival of one-act plays directed by theater professor Matthew Wright.
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OWU hands Yeomen controversial defeat
by Steffon Thomas

The Oberlin men’s tennis team saw both ends of the spectrum in their two matches this weekend.
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Anti-war tagging unconvincing

To the Editors:
On my way to class this morning I was greeted by large graffiti on the North Side of the Science Center that read “No Iraq War.” I had to stop a second and think so that I could perhaps understand the rationale behind this spray-painted slogan. I came to the conclusion that the person or persons who did this are first-rate morons. The display was one of the most asinine actions I have witnessed in a long time.
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