Responsible Activism

It's a fine thing if a mob of citizens with a particular bias blocks a meeting of representatives of democratically-elected governments – that's the message the OAM gave by uncritically printing "A New Age of Activism" by Sara Marcus '99 (Spring 2002). Blocking access is a coercive method that I am sure Liz Guy '99 would not tolerate if done by a group with whom she disagrees – for example, the antiabortionists. If you want to change the actions of our government, then mobilize public opinion with pressure groups, vote, run for office, contact government officials, and demonstrate publicly without obstructing the rights of others. These are the means our system and our Constitution provide. If there is a place for coercive mob action it is against totalitarian, repressive governments. I was proud to learn about the legitimate forms of activism of dedicated Obies in the remainder of the article.

John D. Pruitt '55
Meadowbrook, Pennsylvania


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