Four Seniors Bring Special Honor to Oberlin

Any college that can produce two Fulbright Scholars and two Watson Fellows in the same year can take justifiable pride in its enrollment and development of outstanding students. At least one Oberlin student has won a Watson Fellowship each year for the last 29 years, and 1997 was no exception. Double-degree student Jared Johnson is off to England to study choral music, ranging from amateur to professional, in English society. He says the fellowship provides "a wonderful opportunity--the time to do something you really want to do and could not do any other way."

Amy Evans, a double major in creative writing and French, will travel to Europe to conduct her Watson project, Communities of Resistance: The Development of Consciousness among Black Writers in France and Germany. She will talk with Afro-Germans and African-American expatriates in France about how writing serves them "in their everyday lives."

Both Fulbright Scholars--Amy Durica, a double-degree student, and Jennifer Novak, a piano major--will spend next year in Germany. Amy will teach English and American studies in Potsdam's Voltaire Gesantschule while studying at the Berlin Musik Hochschule. She will also take private voice lessons.

Jennifer will study German piano repertoire at the Würzburg Musik Hochschule and participate in the March 1998 International Bach Piano Competition in Saarbrüken.