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Iceland--Holy Ground Still

A seemingly barren corner of the world, where sheep dot the landscape and shape the life of the islanders, enchants a well-traveled writer.

By Bette McDevitt '54

Avery Brooks--The Man Behind the Mask

Known to thousands of TV viewers as Commander Benjamin Sisko, of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Avery Brooks '70 is known to others as the remarkably gifted actor who portrays Paul Robeson in his acclaimed one-man show. In a dressing-room interview, Brooks explains why he will keep telling Robeson's story "as long as he has breath."

By Betty Gabrielli

The Month of a Lifetime--Tales from Oberlin in Italy

Conservatory professor Duane Mahy has been leading Oberlin students to Italy every summer for the past 10 years. Most are voice students from the conservatory, but all are welcome to join the month-long immersion in things Italian.

By Betty Gabrielli

Althea Sherman Resurrected

The University of Iowa just republished a 40-year-old book by a woman who spent the last five decades of her life sequestered in the middle of nowhere, caring for her ailing parents and curmudgeonly older sister. Why does Althea Sherman merit such resurrection?

By Connie Fleischer Mutel '69

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